In cosmetic world it is a procedure which produces an accelerated cell renewal of superficial layers of the skin.
It has final results such as: cleaning effect, nutrition, hydration, minimize the signs of ageing, depigmentation effect, reduces the greasiness of the skin etc.
The peels are very good minimal invasive options that help you maintain a healthy, beautiful skin and it slows down skin ageing.


The effects of peels are spectacular from the first treatment:
• Immediate lifting effect
• Reduces the number and depth of wrinkles
• Finer and more toned skin
• Shinier skin
• Fades away sun patches
• Reduces acne scars
• Fights against pimples and striaes
• Reduces scars

You don’t need to have any skin problems to have a chemical peel done. It is recommended for everyone from 30-35 years of age to maintain a healthy shiny skin and to be protected against the external impacts.

How often can I receive treatments with chemical peels?

You can have a chemical peel every 21-30 days, up to 4-6 sessions (that may vary in different kind of peels). After completing all sessions, you will have to wait 1 year to repeat the treatment.

What advises do I need to follow after peels?

After Fenol or Target peel treatment your doctor will provide you a post-treatment kit so you can continue the treatment at home.
Follow the instructions that you find in the post-treatment box during the first week after treatment. After 1 week you can return to your usual creams.
After other peels consult your doctor about recommended creams for you to use.

What precautions do I need to take?

During the first 7 days after treatment avoid sun exposure and use high factor sunscreens such as Screenses SPF 80 or Repaskin SPF 50.
During the first days avoid saunas, jacuzzis or other places with excess heat.
Avoid intense exercise on the day you have the peel done.

Do not peel the skin at home as this may provoke hyper pigmentations.
During the days of exfoliation apply Silkses Protector Hidratante Cutaneo to moisturise the skin as many times as you need.
During 1 week after peel avoid depilation of other abrasive treatments on the area treated.

The procedure

The procedure with peels is fast and simple, usually has no complications or side effects and after treatment you can immediately return to your everyday activity.
Please come with your face soap washed without any cream or makeup. The duration of procedure takes may vary between 15 to 40 minutes.
Right after peeling you may notice that your skin gently stretches, but very soft and smooth. Also you may feel your skin is a little bit numb as you touch it.
Usually these sensations disappear spontaneously during the next 30 minutes.
On the third day after peeling the skin will go through a cell renewal process which will appear as a complete exfoliation of the skin. After the exfoliation that may last 4-5 days the skin will be softer, flexible, fine and lightened up with a more homogenous colour and great shine.