Health Products

What is Zo-Skin Health?

Integral solution protocols to achieve healthy skin, made by Dr Zen Obaji M.D. in U.S.A.

These protocols are based on the latest therapeutic discoveries for skin care, like release systems of active ingredients, unique formulations based on bioengineering to help skin specialists to guaranty to their patients a healthy skin for long term independent of age gender or skin type.

What are these protocols made for?

To treat acne, hyperpigmentation, or skin aging.

What is Zo-Skin health circle?

1: Treatments
    prescribed unique products by your doctor to treat diseases of the skin like acne, hyperpigmentation of ageing.
2: Maintenance
    programs to enlarge the benefits of therapeutic treatments.
3: Daily care
    protocols to maintain the healthy active skin.
4: Prevention
    products to protect your skin form skin ageing and future damage.

What are the main steps to achieve healthy skin?

1: Prepare
    the skin to stimulate the right functioning (cleansers, tonics)
2: Correct
    to get the epidermis better and equalize skin tone (depigmenting creams)
3: Stimulate
    with retinol at higher dose to improve skin texture, tone, and barrier function (high concentration retinol creams)
4: Stabilize
    the epidermis and dermis to prevent against acquired sensibility and
    favour skin renovation (creams with antioxidants and growth factors)
5: Moisturize and calm
    with creams comfort to reduce the associated skin reactions to retinol (special moisturizers)
6: Protect
    to prevent photo-ageing and sun associated damage on skin (high factor sun protections)



How to obtain the Zo skin health products?

Consult with me to choose the right protocols for your skin needs, then you can order on-line at www.clinicstore.com